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  • ( ) Map Of New Hampshire
    New Hampshire is an important state in the north east of the U.S. It is surrounded by Massachusetts in the South, Vermont and Connecticut in the west, the Canadian state of Quebec in North West and Maine and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The state is flanked by Boston, New York and Montreal. It lies between the latitudes of 40 and 42 and the l More>>
  • ( ) Map of Italy
    Italy, officially known as the Republic of Italy, is situated in the southern part of Europe. It covers an area of approximately 301,225 sq km. Italy is situated at 42ş50´ North of the Equator, and longitudinally at 12ş 50´East of Greenwich. Rome is the capital and also the largest city in Italy. The other important cities in Italy are Venice an More>>

Has Apple maps found the Loch Ness Monster?
(04/20/2014 06:55 AM)

A mysterious shadowy form spotted using Apple's satellite map app has Nessie believers convinced that the sea monster has been found More>>

Welcome to Ground Zero—Literally—for Sea Level Rise in North America
(04/20/2014 06:55 AM)

Where’s that again?” Nothing cracks up round-bellied and gray-bearded cook Bob Faulk like a little exaggerated provincialism. Outside, kids shoot baskets on a court emblazoned with a sort of geometric flower in yellow and green—the BP logo. More>>

Jakarta rejects China's 'nine-dash line'
(04/20/2014 06:55 AM)

In a significant policy shift, Indonesian officials on March 12 announced that China's nine-dash line map outlining its claims in the South China Sea overlaps with Indonesia's Riau province, which includes the Natuna Island chain. More>>

How electrical energy naturally produced at sea floor may have given rise to life
(04/20/2014 06:55 AM)

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have described how electrical energy naturally produced at the sea floor might have given rise to life. More>>

28 dead, 268 missing in South Korean ship sinking
(04/20/2014 06:55 AM)

Seoul, April 18 : The toll in the sinking of a ferry, carrying 475 people, mostly high school students, in sea waters off South Korea's southwest coast, rose to 28 Friday, officials said. More>>