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  • ( ) Map Of New Hampshire
    New Hampshire is an important state in the north east of the U.S. It is surrounded by Massachusetts in the South, Vermont and Connecticut in the west, the Canadian state of Quebec in North West and Maine and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The state is flanked by Boston, New York and Montreal. It lies between the latitudes of 40 and 42 and the l More>>
  • ( ) Map of Italy
    Italy, officially known as the Republic of Italy, is situated in the southern part of Europe. It covers an area of approximately 301,225 sq km. Italy is situated at 42ļ50ī North of the Equator, and longitudinally at 12ļ 50īEast of Greenwich. Rome is the capital and also the largest city in Italy. The other important cities in Italy are Venice an More>>

Sneak a Peek at 9 Pictures of Sea Otters at Home
(09/22/2014 09:17 PM)

Flip through nine pictures of these marine mammals in honor of sea otter awareness week. More>>

UAE police investigating Indian girl's death at sea
(09/22/2014 09:17 PM)

Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are investigating the death of a five-year-old Indian girl, who was drowned while swimming with her mother in the turbulent sea Sep 18, a media report said Monday. More>>

China-Philippines Territorial Dispute: Ancient Maps 'Debunk' Chinese Claim Over Scarborough Shoal
(09/22/2014 09:17 PM)

The Philippines has upped the ante in its territorial dispute with China by fighting fire with fire, or in this case, a map with a map. The Philippines has recently unveiled an exhibit of 60 ancient maps of Asia that authorities say debunks China’s claimed "historical ownership" over disputed areas of the South China Sea, specifically the Scarborough Shoal, located west of the Philippines. More>>

Time to revisit Singapore’s money-for-medals scheme?
(09/22/2014 09:17 PM)

Yahoo asks Singapore national athletes if they were ever motivated by the lucrative money on offer in the Multi-Million Dollar Awards Programme (MAP). More>>

Breaking: ‚ÄėLawrence of Arabia‚Äô Map Pulled from Sotheby‚Äôs Auction
(09/22/2014 09:17 PM)

That legendary hand-drawn map, slated for sale at Sotheby‚Äôs on Nov. 4 in London, has been pulled from the auction by its owner, London‚Äôs Royal Society for Asian Affairs, according to the auction house. Just recently announced as the centerpiece of Sotheby‚Äôs auction of ‚ÄúTravel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History,‚ÄĚ the unique document was given a pre-sale estimate of ¬£70,000‚Äď100,000 (or about $114 ... More>>